The tangle of roads in Slovakia will comfortably take you to each of the villages or farmsteads.
If you need to travel long distances and the motorway connection is missing, then your trip could be disturbed by road conditions, speed limits or animal crossings.

Poor air quality, noise pollution and high rates of car accidents is a reality for people living by,
or along, the main roads in the country. Two motorway routes, south and north, connecting the west of the country with the east have been planned since the early 1970's. Both remain under construction, due to lack of funding and prioritization by the state government. They should finally be completed in 2040's.

Travelers are demotivated to visit regions with no motorway connection. Much like islands, towns remain isolated from newcomers, from influences beyond its borders. Local people are hoping most for the economic impact and the better quality of life that the new road will ensure for them.