R2 is an ongoing documentation of the largest transportation engineering project in the Novohrad region, situated in south-central Slovakia. Two motorway routes, south and north, connecting the west of the country with the east, have been planned since the early 1970's. Both remain under construction, due to a lack of funding and prioritization by the state government.

The isolation of communist Czechoslovakia affected a long-lasting cultural uniformity in the region. This is apparent in the landscape more than 30 years later. A state of isolation, although no longer politically enforced, is a mental mark that older generations live with. At the moment, I am photographing various fragments of the Novohrad regional landscape to show the uniformity reflected in it. Despite its challenging political history, this isolation has also helped to preserve the self-sustainable and traditional ways in which people in these villages live.

It is more than likely that the new motorway will not only reshape the landscape, but also its inhabitants.